About Me
.John David Buzogany
Goldsmith Jewelry Studio


                                                        Since my earliest memory, I have been involved in making art in some form or another. I was very fortunate to have parents who understood that a creative child needs to be encouraged.  There was always an ample supply of crayons, paper and pencils, and when I became old enough, paint.  This was certainly not easy for them since money was in short supply.  For years I thought that all drawing paper had a menu printed on the back and that sometimes you didn't get all  the crayon colors to work with at the same time.

From an early age I was taken to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh every Saturday morning for art classes where I received the most important gift any artist can possess.  I was taught these words: "Look to see, to remember and to enjoy".
This simple statement allowed me to absorb the fabulous museum where I spent the next six years drawing and painting from one fo the most impressive collections in the world.  The mantra that I was taught enabled me to store a wealth of information for future reference; information that I use to this day.

In high school my Saturday classes were at Carnegie Mellon University where I later attended college, majoring in metalcrafts and design. I received my degree in Fine Arts in 1972.  I was fortunate to backpack across most of Europe during the summer of my junior year and see much of the art that I had learned about from my professors through the years.  After graduations and to the dismay of some, I decided against furthur education and went off to Florence, Italy for a season and apprenticed myself to a well known Jeweler to perfect my craft in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Over the years I have won many national and international awards for my work.  The jewelry that I produce is the culmination of all my experience.  I use the colors of a painter, the strength of a sculptor and the skill of a surgeon to produce what I  hope will be a lasting, wearable work of art.